Q3. ... Like this, keep it up and uplod all the chapters of class 8th ENGLISH. That is why he wanted to kill dream is not a bad omen but rather a sign of fortune, which shows how Act 1, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar establishes the Roman setting of the play and introduces several characters. Ask questions, doubts, problems and we will help you. He says that Calpurnia's Antony's speech influenced the mob and turned Nature had fashioned you to apportion love and affection But you chose to buying and selling of religion and faith instead. (Verb) In Kashmir, the maximum temperature was recorded as 35ºC. Ans. Brutus was a great friend of Caesar and a patriot. Question: 1 - How do the heavens ‘blaze forth’ the death of Julius Caesar? This poem “The Brook” is written by Alfred Lord Tennyson. These creatures are also capable of loving because God also made them like that.Q.3) Write the story told in the poem in your own words. The tribunes are angry that the working class citizens of Rome gather to celebrate Caesar’s victory, while forgetting Pompey, the Roman hero (and a part of the First Triumvirate that ruled Rome) who was killed in battle alongside Caesar. (v). 13) We eat so that we may live. Ans. Gradually, he tells the crowd that it was not Caesar's ambition but Q5) Why has Brutus been called “the noblest Roman of them all”? Simple sentence. 1 Why is polo called the game of kings? Q2) What do the Gita and the Bible tell us on backbiting? Caesar would be easy as Caesar would trust him completely. Caesar's growing power and influence made Cassius The king‘s power corresponds with that of God‘s when mercy bears the fruits of justice. Ans: The poet compares the poets with “cool speckled shells in which one hears a sad but distant sea”. 8) She must apologize to avoid punishment. Cassius is unable to accept this defeat and commits the class. Porus was fighting bravely on his elephant. Thinking about the poemQ.1) Why does the poet want God to strike at his heart? been given the permission to speak. Rajasthan Board RBSE Solutions for Class 11 English Julius Caesar Additional Questions Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: Question 1. == seated (in the hearts of kings), enthrone == stain a throne seasons breeds sway == over powering. Simple sentence. Whose ransoms did the general coffers fill: When that the poor have cried, Caesar hath wept: Ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Q.5) The poem reflects the faithfulness of an elephant towards his master. Ans:- The heavens do commence the ultimate demise of Caesar through several omens. But he stooped so low that he fell to selling and buying of religion and faith. Ans) Sceptre is a royal wand. This means that Caesar is 'over confident' and feels that nothing will happen Question 1. This is an activity to be carried out by students in Q4) What is the poet seeking under the wrinkles of the mother? The Homeless Beggar: The homeless beggars are always seen begging in the streets of cities. Kerala Plus One English Textbook Answers Unit 1 Chapter 1 His First Flight (Story) His First Flight (Story) Textual Questions and Answers Question 1. Get CBSE, ICSE answers, textbook topics, NCERT answers, Sample Papers, MCQs, Question Papers, Notes, And Other Study Materials Cassius and Antony. 6) He stood first in the class read the will. Q.3) What happens to a nation that depends on an army to keep its strong? Why? to him. But it is nothing but an intoxicating sleep. Ans) Our attitude towards the poor should be very sympathetic. dream he wife saw, they would all call him a coward. his allies. For Cassius to kill Caesar successfully, it was essential to convince Brutus Vent: to release or express an emotion, idea, etc in a forceful way. could only mean that if he did step out of his house something evil would happen The Silver Clouds: In summer we see silver clouds floating in the sky. The conspirators feared that Caesar would become a dictator so they requested Brutus – the idealist to join them as he was a man of the masses. blame them for Caesar's death but only speak all good that he can think of Caesar. Burn! softened by any requests. It blesses the person who gives and the one who receives it. hatched because both Brutus and Cassius had become greedy for power. His heart is restlesslyvibrating and his vision clouded by fantasies. Pick out the rhyming words from the poem. Some visual images from the poem are: Floating Mountains, Stainless Sky, Wrinkled Clod, Hard as Brick. the mob in favor of Caesar and shows that he has been wronged by Brutus and a) Find out the similes and/or metaphors in the poem. Complex sentence. In this poem, certain consonant sounds dominate e.g., m, n, f, s, r, d, p, h, b, g, l. List the words beginning with these consonants. What can be avoided Whose end is purposed by the mighty gods? Their wrongdoing comes to an end with the interference of Nov 18, 2020 - Short Answer Questions (with Solutions) Chapter 14 - Julius Caesar, English, Class 10, | EduRev Notes is made by best teachers of Class 10. (Verb) A large quantity of paddy is produced in Kashmir. Learn how your comment data is processed. He wants to see his mother as a young girl who used to play hopscotch and the game of pebbles. From across the river: to a long distance, with hard work. (Verb) He was objected by people in his rude language. He further calls Brutus and the He says these words to make her realize that he is not a coward but a brave conqueror. Word Meanings Thy: (old use) your Thee: (old use) you, used when speaking to one person Scabbard: a long thin cover for the blade of a sword, which is usually fixed to a belt. Fill in the blanks to make a meaningful summary of the poem. Ans: About backbiting, the Gita says that the man who does not indulge in backbiting is a godly man whereas the man who indulges in it has demonic endowments. said that Caesar had left seventy-five drachmas for every Roman in his will and 7. abab. They also say that the reason why Caesar had to be killed was that he had grown too "ambitious" to be good for Rome or its people. He then Nature had provided him with treasures of bounties to share them equally, but he sat like a serpent on them. The second time it is seen in a battle at Philippi in front of Antonius and Mighty trunk: The lifted his master on his back with his mighty trunk to save him. Calpurnia tries to convince Caesar not to leave their Antony showed his affection and respect for It becomes calm & quiet. Antony will speak only 4. his friend Marcus Brutus. The Nile b. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 2. Unlike the modern versions of the game, Ladakh polo has two rounds of 20 minutes each and few restraints and rough riding. 3. out of sarcasm. But the journey of the brook is unending and everlasting. And the flow of the brook can be compared with this world that doesn‘t stop while mortals are born & mortals die, mightiest in the mightiest == mercy is more powerful than the most powerful kings, crown == symbolizes the supreme power of the king, enthroned (adj.) come, seek the conspirators. There are the armies of Octavius and 4. Q4) Explain the phrase-“a wasp in the voice”. Q.1) In the first stanza, the poet wonders about a certain thing. He should not ravage his own home by acting irresponsibly. We should never disown or neglect them. spirit that many men would rush to Caesar to stain their handkerchiefs with decision. It was discovered by a German scientist, Hans von Pechmanne who had, completely by accident, made it, away residue at the bottom of his test tube. (Verb) The student presented himself before the headmaster. Q.1) What is polythene and who discovered it? Rome. Mercy is stronger than the strongest. Reviving blood, and that great men shall press. killed. Gravel: small stones, often used to make the surface of paths & roads, Hazel: a small tree that produces nuts, woods or buses, Glance: to produce small bright flashes of light, Shingly bars: pebbles & sand hindering the flow, Cresses: small plants with thin stems & very small leaves. Ans: Under the Mughals, polo was the national sport of India until the end of the sixteenth century. These solutions for Julius Caesar are extremely popular among Class 10 students for English Julius Caesar Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. When Anthony is left alone with the body of Caesar, Popular and powerful leaders assassinated in the past and in recent times. He has ransacked and ravaged his own home. n…………………….Nation Caesar wouldn't have refused the crown thrice if he were an ambitious man. They, therefore, can make a nation great and strong. Mercy is sometimes enthroned in the heart of kings. Q.9) How can we save our posterity from the harmful effects of polythene? Thy: (old use) yourThee: (old use) you, used when speaking to one personScabbard: a long thin cover for the blade of a sword, which is usually fixed to a belt.Thine: (old use) yourDo down: to belittle or humiliate someone.Vent: to release or express an emotion, idea, etc in a forceful way.Admonish: to advice someone to do or not to do something.Scandalmonger: a person who spreads malicious talk about other people.Condemn: to criticize something or someone strongly, usually for normal reasons.Mimicry: to copy the sounds or movements of other people.Sarcasm: remarks that mean the opposite of what they seem to say.Belittle: to make an action or a person seem unimportant.Similitude: resemblance, example.Refuge: protection or shelter from danger, trouble, unhappiness, etc.Denounce: to criticize something or someone strongly and publicly.Stumble: to fall or begin to fall while walking or running.Bridal: to control or restraint.Slander: a false statement which damages somebody’s reputation.Refrain: to avoid doing something.Malice: the wish to harm or upset other people.Deceit: an act of deceiving or misleading.Reproach: to criticize someone for doing something wrong. Ans) No, wealth can‘t make a nation great and strong. Q1) How many wrinkles does the poet see on the mother”s face? b. Alexander in the poem is referred to as a. 12) Men may come and men may go but I go on forever. 2. m……………………Make Q4) Why was Brutus decision to march from Sardis to Philippi wrong? Days gone by Days have gone by, since the battle between Porus and Alexander. Mercy is better for a king than his own crown. Brutus convinces Ans) The elephant, in the poem, stands on the epitome of faithfulness and of exemplary courage. Nature had bestowed all its treasures upon him to share them equally but his materialistic pursuits led him astray. Antony emerges victorious in the battle between the forces of It discusses Questions and Answers from the textbook. Pick out the rhyming words e.g. Q1) Why did a certain party of Romans wish to kill Julius Caesar? The poem Stars Speak to Man is written by Abdul Ahad Azad in Kashmiri and rendered into English by Prof. G.R Malik. Many Romans were bathing their hands in it and smiling. Gallant part: The elephant played a gallant part in the fight between Porus and Alexander. Not only this, man created divisions on the basis of religion and faith. Vcan Learn Smart 150,603 ... Brihadeesvarar Temple -Important Questions and Answers … Compound sentence. The Holy Bible says, ― For we all stumble in many ways. Ans) The brave work hard while others sleep. Contact us on below numbers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Polymer: chemical substance composed of large molecules made from many smaller and simpler molecules. he would have enslaved all the Romans to become the dictator. rainbow-tinted == having the colours of the rainbow in them, tinkling == making a light ringing sound, gold flecked == spotted with gold dots, for her … midway == for a middle-aged woman. Does not understand the ideals of democracy. 1. the things that threaten'd me Ne'er look'd but on my back; when they shall see. What is it? The poet entreats God to clear the malice in his heart and fill it with love and compassion. 5. b) She has had a bad dream where he saw blood spouting from Caesar's statue. His Elephant. How can a nation become strong enough to defend itself against powerful enemies? Q1) Who is “I” referred to as in the poem? By Willaim Shakespeare. Use the following words, phrases, and expressions in your sentences: Days gone by, fray, to hold at a bay, battle-pride, fought the more, gallant part, mighty trunk. Q. into believing that he is with the conspirators. Moreover, the poet needs strength to avoid the daily trifles and submit his will to the Will of God. Throw open: The warden throw opens the door for all students to come in. According to the poet, it is the brave men of a nation who work hard while others sleep and build the nation‘s pillars deep and lift them to the sky. The poem “A Nation’s Strength” is written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Julius Caesar Summary and Study Questions – CSEC ENGLISH. Brutus was a great friend of Caesar and a patriot. He asks God to give him strength never to abandon the poor or kneel before a tyrant. Ans: Brutus has been called “the Noblest Roman of them all” because unlike others he did wrong but his intention was right. Q. Ans: Yes, the poem is a wake-up call. They wanted to keep him away from sitting on the throne. ", "I fear there will a worse come in his place.". Q5) What are the activities the poet”s mother used to do when she was a girl? Ans: Polo originated in central Asia. ", "Away, then! How can a nation‘s pillars be made high and its foundations strong? Polythene is widely used because the bags made from it are cheap and easy to carry. Antony appealed to the sentiments of the mob by asking them why they weren't sad at Q2) What does the first wrinkle represent? Brutus' speech has had a high impact on the citizens. Q. Thinking about the poemQ.1) Who is the speaker in the poem? He had no malice in his heart. Poems | Class 8th | jandkncert A Nation’s Strength | Summary, Questions, and Answers Poem 1: A Nation’s Strength Ans: Legend has it that polo came to central Ladakh from the neighboring Baltistan. ... Prose 6: Polo – Julius Caesar ( T2) WORKING WITH THE TEXT Q1. I. unbroken rank == close order that is difficult for the enemy to breakthrough, trumpet == (of a large animal, especially an elephant) to produce a loud call, foreman == thee first or chief soldier in the army, legend == a story or set of stories from ancient times. The bangle seller says that he has bangles not only for maidens but also for a middle-aged woman who in her fruitful pride worships the gods at her husband’s side. Counters the charge of ambition put by Brutus. But suddenly Porus got injured and fell down from his elephant. 1. has not understood Brutus' reason for killing Ans: The sacred scriptures of Islam, that is, the Holy Quran and the books on the traditions of the Holy Prophet(SAW) strongly condemn the acts of backbiting and scandal-mongering. with foresight. It passes by a town, many grasslands, many villages, and half a hundred bridges. 5. f……………………..Foe that if he stays indoors people would consider him a coward. king. I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. Q.4) When does earthly power look like God”s? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. "Revenge! Action, nor utterance, nor the power of speech, 1. All the solutions of Julius Caesar - English explained in detail by experts to help students prepare for their CBSE exams. Continue, I understand this browser is not compatible. Brutus says that Caesar had grown so ambitious that Q7) How does our tongue do good or bad to others? Each prompt is designed to be adaptable for your classroom Complex sentence. Ans) In these lines the poet says that the beasts are unable to speak, but they too can feel pain and express their emotions. 7) They must apologize or they will be punished. Soldiers of Alexander c. The Elephant d. None, e. Who saves Porus? announce that Anthony has been given the permission to speak. Thus, she doesn't allow venture out of the house. Please login back to continue to your studies. Your session has expired for security reasons or. suicide. a. All questions and answers from the NCERT Book of Class 10 English … human being by another. when he is sleeping in his tent. A man who amasses wealth and makes no good use of it is like a serpent sitting on the ground with a treasure underneath. From central Asia, the game made its way to Japan, China, Tibet, and India. In his own garden, he cut the roots while watering twigs and leaves. Q.4) What is the rhyme scheme of the poem? ethylene: a colourless, inflammable gas in coal gas, sewerage: the system of carrying away waste water and human waste from houses through large underground pipes or passages, ecosystem: plants, animals, and humans living in an area together with their surroundings, considered as a system of relationship, biomagnification: growing concentration of a toxic substance in the tissues of organisms. Q.4) Name the different colours mentioned in the poem. Caesar and makes them question their allegations against him. This is why Calpurnia told Caesar that she was frightened when she sees the lightning and thunder as the heavens being ablaze are warnings that a King was about to die. Fall into: I told him not to fall into conversation with them. When the wounded Porus fell down, his elephant provided him cover from the shower of arrows, spears, and swords. (Noun) A music contest was conducted at Radio Kashmir Srinagar on Saturday. Brutus and Cassius reach with for his life. He also says that violence shall become a part of daily life. When the person having earthly power tempers his justice with the mercy, his earthly power looks more like God‘s power. Ans) When mercy seasons justice, the earthly powers look like Godly or divine. a) Julius Caesar is speaking to his wife Calpurnia. Caesar even after his death. and so she fears Ans: Calpurnia begged Caesar not to go to the Capitol because she had a nightmare the previous night in which she had seen Caesar‘s statue, standing in the market place, pouring forth blood. Ans: Polo is called the game of kings because it was widely played and patronized by kings and nobles. Took me away: to take someone away from the close one or separate someone from a dear one. Write the meaning of the following phrases or expression as used in the poem: Ans. But so far as polythene is concerned, it does not decay on its own. after Brutus had finished speaking. This poem is an extremely emotional account of a son on the subject of his mother. his time in celebrations and listening to music. Home Julius Caesar Q & A Ask a question and get answers from your fellow students and educators. Friend b. to avenge his death. 1. Instead of English T-1 Solutions Class 8th Prose 3: Global Warming (T1) WORKING WITH THE TEXT. Q) Can the journey of the brook be compared with human life? He would then bring colours for Raade, tinsel for her dupatta, and colourful pebbles for her from across the river Tawi. Noticing this, the Rabbi said, -As you choose only soft tongues here, so you should be soft in your conversation. The elephant testifies his faithfulness by laying his precious life for keeping his master breathing. "They were villains, murderers: the will! witnessed all over the country and that there will be turmoil in civil life. b) In his will, Caesar has left for every Roman citizen seventy-five drachmas. Q5) Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon invite his discipline for a meal? but ensures that he tells the people that Caesar had refused the crown The poet wants to awaken those who have created divisions in the name of religion and faith. He wants strength to make his love fruitful in service. The brook speaks about its emergence from a mountain and the resort of water birds. wanted to rule over Rome and enslave the people. This is an activity to be carried out by the Ans. As the brook flows through the plains its pace slows down. Nourished me: to grow or develop own self. unable to convince him, she says that his 'wisdom is consumed in confidence'. Caesar said these words because he was shocked to see that his The purpose of the ghost is to make Complex sentence. At the end of the poem, the poet prays to God to keep him away from the insignificant things of the world and let him have the strength to submit his will to the Will of God. Caesar is in no mood to change his (Noun) Plants produce oxygen for animals. Besides, a member of their household has also informed her of certain to speak at Caesar's funeral. Then the elephant took his master to safety. Ans: In these lines, stars tell the man that nature had fashioned him to become a fountain of love and affection. at the funeral, giving reasons for killing Caesar. Ans: The first reason Mark Anthony puts Record:forth is that Caesar was always kind and generous to the poor. Q4) Why did the servant of Rabbi Simeon bring tongues both the times? Ans) The poet wants strength to bear joys and sorrows. The poet tells Man that he was the light of reason but he put humanity to disgrace. report writing skills. NCERT Solutions Class 10 English Julius Caesar William Shakespeare NCERT Solutions for Class 10th: Ch 14 Julius Caesar Literature Reader English. In this poem, the poet talks about mercy. Besides, it has the property of non-permeability, so it cuts off respiration of soil system which in turn not only affects plant life but also other creatures living in the soil. He fought many wars. Once Brutus realised that Caesar was becoming a harm for Rome, he wouldn't mind killing him for the Strife '' shall spread all parts of Italy this, the stars to. Sometimes enthroned in the summer season to heighten the effects of life vigor! The play the Merchant of Venice written by Ralph Waldo Emerson love be high. 'S life is in no mood to change his decision ] ).push ( { } )

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